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Long Distance Relationship

i met this guy on some silly online game.. and i talked to him forever.. we exchanged numbers.. we trusted each other. he was my best friend. and HE fell in love with ME.. he would tell me everyday "i love you" and he was just waiting for me to say it back everyday.. hed ask me everyday "have you fell yet?" and id answer everyday "not completely but were gettin there". hed call me every night and we would talk for hours literally.

then one day when i was ready to tell him i loved him. he was gone. he left his phone with one of his friends and left town.. no one knew where he went. i was so lost. but id talk to his friend everyday and ask if hed came back.. never did. so i got closer to his friend and he was the best listener and friend i could ask for.. and we fell in love. i know i just sound like a sucker for love but it took around a year for me to really fall for this guy..

now we have been madly in love for about 2 years , but recently i havent talked to him in 2 weeks because he had to go see his dad and had to leave his phone at home. but im still completely under his spell. and he loves me.

maybe ive taught some people that long distance relationships do work if you are persistent.(:


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