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I saw him at a party when i was seven. I noticed him staring at me but didnt mind. Someone came up to me and said he wants to dance with you and i said no. I couldnt stop looking at him myself. After the party was over i couldnt stop thinking about him days later and even months. I was seven years old and i knew i fell in love. I barely saw him and it made me kind of sad but knowing in my heart i knew i would see him. Then i was eleven when i saw him at my sister's party. I was thinking he wanted to ask me out because when he passed by me he put his hand on my shoulder. I told my cousin about everything and she said two thing: i should be totally in love with him and she likes his brother. The fact that that she said she really really liked him kind of bothered me because what if he liked her back and they went out and eventually get married. So i tried discouraged her by being mean about it whenever she brought him up. It kind of bothered me cause she is one of my favorite cousins but i made fun of her other than that anyways. The fact that he sort of showed he felt the same way bothered me so i couldnt say anything about her ending up lonely now.

One day she told a friend if she could tell him he likes her back and he said he doesnt even know her and it broke her heart. I knew some things about both of them and i talked to their sister just to know some things and get to them. I told my cousin my cousin his brother is hot but short and she told me theyre almost the same height except she is shorter. She was sometimes picked on for being the shortest in our group and sometimes she joked around she and him were a perfect couple because they were short. It sometimes made her sad to think i thought he liked me and sometimes i dont know how but i feel her pain.

One day we went were downtown and she said "you still love him?" and i said "yes. Do you love his brother?" she blushed and smiled and tried to hide it when she said "maybe". She also told me that if his brother asked her out she would say yes but if my guy asked me out and i said yes she would dump her guy because she wouldnt want me to worry. I told her i wouldnt do the same for her and i laughed and she laughed. At that moment we both knew we would do things for each other that sometimes we wouldnt normally do but we still had each others backs no matter what. Then we walked home.


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