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Making the Hard Choice

My parents had died about a year before i met him. all i had after that was my 4 year old brother, i was 15. we lived with my grandmother after that but she was never home. i literally took care of my brother by myself.

i was able to leave the house one night & i went to a party. i needed to be around friends. He showed up at about 8. he was mixing drinks like a bartender for everyone, i asked him for my favorite, a pina colada.

some drunk chick was hanging on him the whole night so i backed off. then a guy i knew showed up, he was obsessed with me. i ended up ditching him in a bedroom. likewise my guy ditched the girl and we found ourselves in the room together.

we exchanged information. we started talking on myspace alot. the guy who was obsessed with me ended up going off the deep end and he got mad when i turned him down. he came storming to my house all drunk, the guy i had been talking to showed up and scared him off.

all logic went out the window when i was with him. my heart raced. so did his.

we eventually talked about the attraction between us and started going out. sadly there were some things he hadnt told me. he lived in a very dangerous neighborhood, he told me he was in a gang.

i was shocked because when he was around me he was so gentle, he held me and spoke to me softly. he told me it wasnt who he really was and that he would be out soon.

i was afraid that him being around my brother would be a bad influence. but i loved him, i couldnt help it. everytime i saw the new scars on his body my heart broke. he would always say he is getting out of there, but he never told me how.

when he got arrested it was the final straw, i had to forget all of my emotion, he was bad news for me and for my brother.

i left town. my best friend says its killing him. she says he got out of jail because it was a false charge. that he begs her to tell him where i am. i havent even told her. it breaks my heart to force him to grow up like this, but it would have killed both of us otherwise.


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