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He's Got a Girlfriend

im only 14 and ive fallen head over heels for this guy, but the problem is he has a girlfriend which hes been with for a long time but theyve been on & off a few times, i knew him off facebook but never really said hi & stuff, until i went to a football game with my cousin & her boyfriend, & he's her boyfriends best mate.

It was love at first sight, the whole game he had been flirting with me and not taking his eyes off me, his smile was so gorgeous. We then came back from the football game & the next day i had talked to him on fb and asked him oh why did u leave us at the end of the game ? And he said he saw his other mates there, and i got abit cut..

We then started talking & talking & he'd tell me i was cute & that he loves me & that he only goes for decent girls like me, and at that point after a few days i had fallen in love with him so much like no tomorrow, he wasnt with his girfriend at that time, and then out of nowhere he says to me, guess wat ? I said what ? He said he had gotten back with his ex

thats when my heart just broke into 1OOOOOOO pieces, i was being dry to him, after about 1O minutes he said he had broken up with her.. I said why ? he said because i like someone else, and my best friend had asked him do u like my friend and he said yes, i was still being dry to him bcoz i was so angry bout how he could do that 2 me, and then 2 days afta he had gotten back with her & till now there still together

i told my other friend which was his friend that i liked him, but i didnt know i couldnt trust her she went & told his girlfriend that i liked him & his girlfriend asked me i said no i used 2.. What was i suppose 2 say ?

i wanna give up but i just cant.


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