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Second Cousins

this summer my cousins moved down from C to where we live and as soon as i met my cousin i had liked her then we talked more and we are both the same age the more i talked to her the more i liked her more than a cousin we are both 13

and we went to stay the night at her house and she told me i could sleep in her bed and that she was gonna sleep on the couch but i told her its fine

so what im trying to say is that im not sure if she likes me if that was just like a offer or she liked me lol

i dont know what to do i wanna find out if she likes me but i dont know how she has 2 brothers and 2 sister and im trying to hide that i like her from them but its just so hard i like her too much

there were other times that i thought she liked me but im not sure we have been alone some times but whenever im gonna tell her that i like her someone just comes in the room then i dont get to tell her and that there we like 3 other beds i coulda slept on

shes my second cousin


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