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On and Off

So there was this guy. Our friends brought us together. I didn't think i'd fall for this guy. But turned out he was everything i ever wanted.

We dated for a year. We always had a weird relationship. He was way controlling, and brought a lot of problems. But we were so in love. There were times that i felt is this real? Or is this just a love game high school fling you'll always remember. But we always talked about our future,

but as many couples we broke up a lot. He was playing me for a short time. He'd want me one day and not the next. Til i couldn't take it anymore and left him be. He begged that he would never leave me again. He never cheated on me but a part of me always thinks he thinks he can do better. So we got together again. but only it got worse. he would never come see me knowing he lives far away id managed to see him, he wouldnt treat me like his girlfriend when were with people. He just wasnt boyfriend material. but i just loved him so much.

now we're split. i mean i love him so much i don't know what to do. i think about him everyday all day. He's always on my mind. I know he feels the same way but doesn't say anything about it but i ask myself if its meant to be we will find ourselves again.


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