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Love will Find me

It started off so fast. I didn't even realize i was falling in love so quickly. Every minute was spent together, and about two weeks into it, he quickly moved in. I didn't think of the consequences or anything even bad about it -- all i cared about was being together and being around him. We shared similar interests, we always had fun and you couldn't get the smiles off of our faces. ..

That is until it became too much. I would leave for work everyday at 2:30 in the afternoon and come home at 8pm. Short little 5 1/2 hr shifts at work, it was comfortable and made good money. He had a better paying job and was on leave for an injury, so he got to stay at home. He started to complained when i would help my friend out in her store for extra hours that he wanted to spend that extra time together and he would pay more. I agreed. But then it started to come to the point where if i would get called into work or try to ever work any extra hours, i was not allowed and he would throw a tantrum that we never spent time together. I tried my hardest to be make more time for him.

Eventually that turned into I couldn't sit on the computer for five minutes, talk to my mom on the phone for an hour or ever go into work on my day off. He started to hang around my work all of the time, even after he returned to work himself. He would end up coming in and not telling me and just hanging out around the building, people would tell me..'oh did you know your man is here.'? i would say 'what??' I asked him about it and he would always come up to as some excuse that he missed me or just wanted to say hello.

But after 5 months and being engaged and then this happening i had to put an end to it. I felt smothered and it had to end. I tried asking him to go to counseling, I tried asking him to take it down and notch and we will make plans for date nights and time didnt work. he did not change I suddenly seen myself in a flash of the future...married and stuck in a relationship I did not want to be in. It scared me.

I asked him to move out and it took me about two weeks of being the cruelest nastiest cold hearted B**** to get him to leave. I hate making someone cry, but I just couldn't handle it anymore.

And today, 6 months later i am single and happy working two jobs and saving up money to pay off debt and get a new car! I have never been happier and i know that love will find me when the time is right :)


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