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Being only 16, I am a real skeptic when it comes to love. Sure affection, but love? Ridiculous. However, a young girl always has a place in her heart for crushes and flirting. After having the same crush for years, I worked up the courage to ask him out. He didn't seem to into it, but he agreed.

Two months later, he told me he loved me. I had no choice but to believe him, but I couldn't say it back. Love? At our age? Absurd.

Fast forward 6 months of dating. I say it back. I don't know if I truly believe it, but what else could it be? Then one night I get sick. At his house in the middle of the night with no ride home, I sit on his couch rolled into a ball, crying in pain and embarrassment. Then, he rolls me over and holds me tight, whispering how everything will be all right.There are tears in his eyes too. Thats when I knew that I needed him there. That things had to be real. Right?


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