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I was 13 when I fell in love with my boyfriend,I had always dated guys but never really fallen in love, I guess it was something at first sight as they say. My mom was getting to much into our lives so at the end, I didnt care much and went behind her back, to be with him.

I found out the my stepfather was stalking my boyfriend after me and him werent together any more, something that I never expected happening. I guess that was one reason why he ended up leaving me, a week before the last day of school we sat down and started talking through text messages, I told him how much i missed him and he told me how he felt too, the next day after that I gave him a note asking him out again, he didnt get to read it but we saw each other in the hall and he ended up walking me home that afternoon.

He told me to call him but I didnt have the nerves to, so I sent him a msg through text, asking him back he felt weird so he told me it was better him asking me. And we been together for 2 months now.....


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