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I'm the Other Woman

We met through a mutual friend, and so the flirting began, so did the sleepovers. I thought he really was into me turns out that what he was really into was the sex. things were great until he began to blow me off or saying he was busy. When I asked what was wrong, he had the nerve to tell me he's found someone he really likes and is now going out with her. I was speechless, but I wasn't strong enough to tell him to "f off" I simply burned inside and cried in silence.

A couple days later, I find myself thinking about him and I can't resist the urge to message him, he comes over and that night I became the other woman. The one that gives her best knowing someone else receives his best, the one that is being used while the girlfriend is being loved. The one that will love him but can't ever have him be her own, but all that didn't matter to me because I got to enjoy for a few hours when he felt like it, and I was thrilled every time I felt his presence.


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