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My family and I went to the province because my brother represented our region for the national sports meet. I was excited to go because, there I could watch good players play badminton. Surprisingly, not only good players were there, but handsome and cute guys as well. There was this boy who caught my attention. He's from a different region. I had a crush on him. To make the story short, I told my friend to introduce my cousin and I to him. (my cousin had a crush on him to)

When the tournament was over, we had to go home. My cousin texted him and asked him stuff. My cousin, not knowing, he was just replying only to get through me. (my cousin got mad at him for using her hehe)

So, when he got my number, he immediately texted me. I was so thrilled. Few weeks later, I noticed something is different. I think he likes me already. It made me feel bad. (i didn't know why) so, i stopped texting him.

The next year, we saw each other again during the sports meet. He texted me, because his friend wants to get my number. (good thing i had the same number) but, instead of being the bridge for me and his friend, he ended up courting me. He never left my side that time. He even courted my parents just to get a good shot from them.

After the tournament, we had to go our separate ways again. He was in despair, still he continued courting me even if we were away.

To make it short, I dumped him. But, because of his great love for me, he still pursued. i still dumped him. 8 times. after that last time, i told him, if he would come and visit me, then maybe, i would consider. And so he did. Even if he wasn't sure of what's going to happen to him, where he would live, where he would eat, he still went and visited me.

And so.... now, we are celebrating our 20th monthsary. I hope you enjoyed reading this my love. this is for you. I'm sorry for all our petty fights. I will always be here for you. i love you very very very much.


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