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Love at First Sight

One day when i was at work just a usual day i thought. not really. this wonderful man came my way. i saw this amazing man standing in front of me. reached out my hand to greet him. as he reached for mine as well our eyes met. and at that moment i was so captivated. and emotional. i knew right at that moment. this man was meant for me.

as we walked around. and we flirted a bit. and released some sense of humor. we got extremely connected. during our break time. i asked him do you have a girl friend? he said no. he asked me do i have a boy friend i said no. we looked at each other. and laughed, i said in my mind this guy is my soul mate. we continued to talk about things..and came to the realization we have so much in common. and i found my in love at that point.

we continued to work. and helped each other. i saw my future husband right in front of me. as the next couple of days. i found i couldnt get him off my mind. before my days off. i got the courage to give him my phone number so he could call me. and i went up to him and said do you want my phone number he said oh yes! i said he went to give me the phone..he touched my hand. i got an electric sensation down my whole body. i then came closer to him..and he rubbed my arm..and it sent me flying to the heavens..i knew right then he was the only man that made me feel that way..he has such a big loving heart and so much love in their that is at my grasp..and i had to have it all..

now after almost a year into our relationship..he still makes me feel as if its the first time. he is the love of my dream come truest friend..and loving true love..


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