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Justice will Find You

I was young. I was completely and blindly in love with you. You promised me, that you would be there. I waited alone, for 2 never came. Once again, your empty promises ripped out my broken heart. You are the only person who could ever hurt me, without being anywhere near me. You left standing alone, holding the pieces of my heart.

I found closure some time ago, but the pain is still there. I feel it every day. It's still hard. You don't care, that i loved you with everything inside me. You don't care, that i defended to everyone around me. I didn't listen, to all the voices telling me that you were no good.

Looks like, moving on with the rest of my life, had to start with goodbye. You walked straight out of my arms, and into someone else's. You never even looked back at me. Guess knowing that i loved you, wasn't enough to make you stay. I will always love you, you were my first love. I hope your happy wherever you may be, but the only thing that gives me comfort at night, is i know..someday Justice will find you and remind much i loved you.


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