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I will never settle for less

Most stories end with the guy mercilessly leaving the girl who gave him her heart-warming all, but not myne. only a few people understand how the feeling of loving some one who shows you reasons that make you want to believe they love you, but do things showing other wise too.

My story consisted of a year and four months of problems and problems. i won't even lie, he should've given up on me , long before i gave up on him. the tricky thing is,he didnt deserve me though.

I would have mood-swings from time to time,but he was a supposable player...his eyes teared up once and he'd stay on the phone late but call me early-those things made me hold on to "US" when he did things not so evident of his love.

One day this summer, i had my bestfriend call him private and ask him of whome he loved.By the time they hung up, he'd at least mentioned me and left out several others i know of, but he kept assuming who he thought it was on the phone. he never came to the assumption it was me.

He claimed to have dated me for two weeks, and not really love me( when we dated for a yeear and four months{on and off} and we've talked about a future together).

what a bXXXX, huh?

i broke up with him, and i refused to cry then, but sometimes ifind myself pondering our past because i loved him. i loved him so deeply and in the end i got a shattered heart.

this is still a love story becasue i still love him, i have so many feelings that i can't do anything with! it had been almost four months, and i will never go back to him. i'm proud of myself, i still love him so very much, but iwill never settle for less.(he's less)


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