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He was my girlfriend's biggest crush

My bestfriend and I have know each other for about 3 years now. A year ago we started talking everyday for hours and hours without noticing, whether it was on the phone, texting, msn and even skyping. He was my girlfriend's biggest crush. She is also the one who introduced us and when she found out how much we talked she became jelouse and we stopped talking. I continued my relationship with this guy, he was one of the most intresting guys I had ever met and soon I realized I was forming feelings for him. He too felt the same, both of us too scared to tell each other because we did'nt know what would happen if we did confess. A month ago he made-out with a slut at a club and I was angry, upset and mostly heart broken. I stopped messaging him/texting him and he questioned why. I cut him of for a week. He asked what he had done, and finally I told him how hurt I was to find out about him making out with another girl and told him I needed space as I do have feelings for him. He became really sad, he came to see me in a different town and he was sincerly appologizing. His eyes were tearing up and he was stuttering as he spoke. He said he was sorry and how the only person he wanted to be with was me. We've been going out ever since then and he's been the best thing to ever happen to me.


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