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Life is too short...don't let it pass you by

...Well...let's see...I was diagnosed with breast cancer in april 2008. Two surguries..chemotherapy and radiation as well, my husband chose to carry on an affair while I was carrying myself through treatment. and in effect abandoned my 12 yr. old son and I throughout. This was not the worst that ensued. It was the bitter emotional and verbal abuse I received as he refused to admit or take responsibility for his actions. I fell into a bottomless pit of depression and soul searching. Life was sheer hell as this progressed until he finally had to leave by court order. On top of this, while I was going through treatment, my husband carefully manipulated our business and hid assets out of the country. I was in no position medically to fight. The battle for what it's worth is still being fought but the sorry truth is that he has control and I do not have access to the means to fight for what is honestly mine. I was on heavy meds for some time and went searching for a support group that fit my needs..dealing with cancer and a bitter divorce at the same time. I found one online. This led me to a dating site which out of idle curiousity I explored for friendship. The first person I met...I babbled at and passed him here and there...over the summer, had some dates in between but never gave him a second thought. Wasn't looking for a relationship after all. Then something happened inside of me. We chatted one day and I realized what a fine fine person he was...and so much like me..I fell head over heels after that...but lost him somehow and had to search him out. was so worth it. Even though this wonderful man lives 2900 km. away from me...I will be flying out to meet him in 2 days. I cannot describe well how I feel for this person because I have never in my life felt so in love ...ever. This is the first time and I'm 53 yr. old. I've decided...that if by chance this is not mean't to be...I will be forever grateful for being blessed with the feeling of being alive and in love..I will cherish this forever. Life is too short...don't let it pass you by, move mountains if you need to, just live....


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