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It's all going to work out

I am EAI consultant in fresenius nashville TN usa born and brought up in kakinada AP India.ive been seeing this beautiful woman in nashville for about 2year now and ive never felt this way about anyone in any of my past relationships.but she's married,i wish i had got with her eariler in life but you no life has to take its course.she's the most beautiful person inside and out.i can even imagine living life without her now.the way i fill when she walks into a room and the way it feels when she touches me.she makes me want to be a better person all togather.shes crazy for me as well as i for her its so wonderful until that time comes for her to go home so her husband isnt susicious.its like apart of me leaves with her.i can hear her every thought i can fill her hurt cause i so in love with her.everyone should fill this filling of love when to people really fall in love.its the most wonderful feeling ever.i just thought i was in love in all the pervious relationships.neighter one of us ever thought in a million years that this would have ever happened but i thank god for letting it even if its wrong.but its all gonna work out i believe i her and shes taking action in the right direction to show me that one day soon we'll wake up in each others arms.ive got the most peaceful filling of trust with her that she'll never hurt me.i know ive never felt love so powerful in my life and just to think it was next door all these years.but i had to let her grow up a little for im 31& shes 35.i love and adore her two kids there beautiful and there wonderful.


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