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I told him i had feelings for him

I'd known who he was for a long time. We'd gone to school together a bit and now, at 14, we had classes together and became close friends, best friends even. I told him almost everything, even if it had to do with my current boyfriend or friend problems. We only talked at school, though. All through 8th grade, we talked and shared. It soon became apparent that he liked me, but he was the nerdy type, not what I wanted at the time. On the last day of school, I hugged him and then didn't see him all summer.

At the beginning of 9th grade, we pickedup where we left off. Only he decided that he needed to go for it. He called me one night and for the next three months we spent hours talking on the phone and sharing absolutely everything about each other. We went to a haunted house together and held hands, we hung out nearly every weekend, we talked on the phone every Sunday night. And every time we talked, I bugged him about who it was he liked, even though I knew it was me. Finally, one night in December, we talked about who it was we liked, sharing songs that reminded us of them. And finally, at four AM, I told him I had feelings for him. Three weeks later, on new years eve, we kissed. It's been nearly two years since then and though our friends don't always approve, we still talk on the phone every Sunday night and he's still my best friend.


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