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He had a girlfriend

The first time i met him i was 15 and he was 17. His name is John. We met through my best friend Leon, & i couldn't thank him enough. He invited me to this kids' 19th birthday. Long story short my friend and i started playing beer pong & lost, in he came & we were wasted ! We left the party with him and his friend (he was going to let us stay the night there so we didn't have to drive) we ended up at his friends house my friend slept on the couch ,his on the floor. we slept in his friends bed. We stayed up until about 8:00 a.m. talking & finally he kissed me, i wish i could relive that night a thousand times ! it was amazing, but reality set in and HE HAD A GIRLFRIEND. Time to go home. I got a boyfriend and and was so up my a** i couldn't take it cause summer was coming and all i wanted to do was party & not be tied down by a pain in the a**, so i told him i was done & he begged & pleaded me to not be, so i said "k, were on a break then" THE BIGGEST LIE I'VE EVER TOLD THE DUMB KID. anyway who should i get a text from THAT NIGHT? John, the first thing he said was "you still with Alan?" My quick reply was "No Why?" We have not been away from each other since the day after that conversation. We started dating on June 29, 2009 & i quickly learned that he was the jealous type. I was forced to delete all the guys numbers out of my phone, i had to deleted my facebook and myspace and i could no longer talk to guys, wear shorts, jeans, or tank tops. Halloween weekend was one of our "good ones" and while he was working i was out trick-or-treating with his little brothers and my best friend Leon (i was able to still talk to him because it turned out they were best friends to). I took my THIRD pregnancy test and this time it came up posi+ive "UHH OHH!" my first thought was wow what am i going to do, when he got home i told him & he went and got two more test, STILL POSITIVE.. great i thought. At first he didnt want it then he gave it a chance, we were so happy, we were going to have a little boy & name him John ! Now baby John is five months old now and i couldn't ask for anything more, he is an amazing baby and I love him and his dad, who is now my husband ! I'm 17 and he's 19. Were going to be together forever, and im still not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing.


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