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A Metallica T shirt

it was a brand new school in the middle of no where. their was alot of other new students too and then i saw her. i could tell she was new too like me she was whering a metallica tshirt that was a little small leather jacket and a studded belt and i new she was for me. i walked up to her gave her a smile said hi where u from. she told me she was from seatle wa which is where i moved from. he hit it off well from their we had the same likes dislikes and the same problem. are parents. my parents think that im just playing with here emotions but im not i realy do love here but im only 15 and her parents hate everything aboute me and think that no one is good anough for here and it doesnt make it easy to c her when here mom works at the school. we love each other but we are only 15. if we wont to c each other i have 2 sneak out walk 5 miles each way climb threw here window in 30-40 degree weather just to be with here. but it is well worth it to spend 3 or 4 hours with her while her parents are still awake in her bed with her snuggled up close to her and kiss each other. sometimes when her parents are asleap we go the whole way and we bolth enjoy it. she was the one to actauly suggest us having sex its not like pressured her into it and man it is way more amazing to have it someone you love instead of meaningess sex. we love each other and plan to marry as soon as we can wether are parents like it or not


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