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She was suffering and was tormented all her life

The beautiful suffering girl I have always known. She was suffering and was tormented all her life. She took her sorrows upon a sharp blade to ease her pain. This killed a little part of me. I think I was stupid for not helping her. Don't get me wrong I have a part in this... I was the person watching from the bushes. She couldn't fit in with others. I tried to help her. She then became best friends with a high school student three years older than she is. Her love was forbidden and unwanted by only her and him from the start. It was a passionate and unselfish love those two had. He was going through a ton of problems. The two suddenly connected.... They spoke together day and night. One summer warm day she told me a truth she likes someone, well at least she thinks. She told me her feelings chest beating, spine tingling, and the thought of him she could never forget. I told her surely this is love and that she should go and ask him out. He said yes and they were going out. Till they were separated by his mom who wrongfully thought she was a whore and our grandmother who was strict to the point of heartbreak to my part and hers. The two drifted apart. But memory was strong and they were still talking on the internet. They secretly talked and talked till they both felt more pain. She was then separated from him moving what felt like to her millions miles away from him. They broke up because of long distance relationships and they struggled, but they noticed that they had a strong passion and pure love for each other. On Christmas day she came to visit and operation Romeo and Juliet happened... I then took this plan to action we secretly tip toed when our grandmother was asleep and went to our grandfather's domain where the our grandmother couldn't get her. He secretly went out too. They saw each other and hid in my secret place. They kissed and cried of happy tears. Love shall forever bond this couple together.


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