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This world keeps spinning. I'm losing my grip.

This world keeps spinning. Im losing my grip.
I still remember the look on your face. Lying in the darkness at 1:58. You slept. I was wide awake. Listening to you breathe. My head on your chest. Counting each heartbeat. Wishing that this moment would last forever. I can still feel your arms. I could feel my heart breaking. I was hopelessly in love with a gypsy soul. The words you whispered so gently. You told me you loved me. Your arms around me. I do remember the sparkle in your eyes. Life of the party. I laugh at your charisma. You pull me in. I wasn't much for partys. But for you i did. I loved your laughter. Meeting my mother. I loved how You'd kiss me when i was saying something. I still miss those rude interruptions. I watched you walk away from everything we had. Say 'I do' to someone else. I felt you forget me. Like i used to feel you breathe. I keep up with your mom. Just to ask her how you are. I hope it's nice where you are. I hope something reminds wish you had stayed. I never planned on you changing your mind. So I'll go out with him. He'll try and take away my pain. But it's too late. I'm haunted. He might even make me smile. Your name..forever the name on my lips. Like our last kiss.


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