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I close my eyes. The winter wind is all i can hear.

I close my eyes. The winter wind is all i can hear. You used to whisper into my ear. But that was a long long time ago. And I am realizing that my heart has remained faithful to you for way to long. Because you are long gone, you moved on. And i cannot keep thinking that you are coming back. Because i still wear the scars like it was yesterday. And if i ever see you again, I will look away, and I wont feel a thing. I close my eyes, and one more time, Im in your arms, those three words, the setting sun, the sparkling water. But no more. Im doing fine now. I finally moved on. It's not so bad. Im not that sad. It only hurts when im breathing. My heart only breaks when its beating. My dreams only die when im dreaming. But Im really okay. Thats what i tell myself every day.


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