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I gave you all my love. You gave me lies.

I gave you all my love. You gave me lies. I defended you to my friends, my family. Even your brother told me about secrets. With each passing day, my heart gets more and more tired of being the last one, to find out your secrets. I know I dont deserve it. My sister accuses me of losing my mind. But I keep swearing that Im fine. Really, scared as I am to admit it, who you are, is who you always will be. Tired of living in hell. Can you really not see the pain in my eyes? It's getting harder to perfect nightmare. I love you so much..i have to cry. I watch you sleep, knowing what i have to do. But I can't hate you any longer. In the morning, when you wake up, my clothes won't be in the drawers, I'll be far away, and I wont be coming back. This is how it has to be. I know you haven't been faithful, though I truly love you, I can't do this anymore. Pretending that Im okay. I have to get out of this perfect nightmare, Im leaving tonight, with what is left of my heart. No more lies. Not anymore. There is a letter on the kitchen table, you'll find it in the morning. with every step i took out to the cab, another piece of my heart shattered. But I know I am doing the right thing...its long overdue. I kiss your lips, one last kiss googbye. This time, you wont track me down, this time, you won't ever get me again. Someday God will send a man, and he won't treat me this way. Goodbye my perfect nightmare.


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