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Not all love stories start happy

Not all love stories start happy some take work, Mine did I was so in love with Jack but his Love had to grow and It did in time. everyday that we were together I wanted him to know how much I loved him. He was a good man his flaw he started drinking alot, He was never mean or hit me but our marriage became as if I was his mother always looking after him to stay out of trouble. I lost myself in the process but I loved my husband with every fiber in my being and often would talk to him about getting help for his drinking not for me but his self. I would explain how much more he would enjoy his life being sober . I held on for 7 years untill I just couldn,t do it anymore. It was tearing me down mentally and my heart hurt so bad for the man I loved.I divorced my husband with all the sadness in my heart for having to do so but I had to save myself. From that moment of doing so the tears have never stoped and there is not aday that goes by that he is not in my thoughts. we still talk to each other and I had told him in one telephone conversation that he was my Lost Love. he didn,t understand at first but I explained that I loved him so but he was lost within his self and the bottle.And tho I would always love him I could not be lost with him.My heart longs for him everyday with a love so deep it will never leave me. I say a prayer to God each and every night to keep his loving hand on him and to one day open his eyes to see what he has been missing this whole time mostly within himself. And to give me courage to know it is alright to love this man but to heal me as well.I love you Jack and that will forever be !


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