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she was dating my old best friend

Hey i am a guy who is now 14 and want to share a story i guess for no reason? Anyways here it goes.

It all started when i was dating her old best friend and she was dating my old best friend. We both liked each other and would never admit it. I couldn't break her friends heart so i waited it out and she eventually dumped me. So i waited and waited and finally a 7th grader (who is now a good friend 8th grader) walked up to me and told me she liked me... I had to wait three days after that but within that time i was talking to her the whole time. Then that wonderful Wednesday of October the 26th came and i asked her and she said yes... I was so happy i literally started to dance when i was home. We dated during my eighth grade year and we had our good and bad times. We had many fights but we always seemed to work it out. until i made a new friend named Justin. Justin after becoming good friends with him told me he liked her and i ignored it cause i thought the little 7th grader didn't have a chance.
So life went on until one day at a summer camp we all went to were she told me she thought 2 other guys she didn't even know were hot and made me realize she was drifting away so i did the worst thing you could do. I held on all right but i held on too tight and she ended up dumping me for Justin. I told her the day before he was going to use her for just for sexual things but she didn't listen. I told him that she was going to break his heart. They both ended up happening. No she didn't have sex with him, but he asked her to do things she didn't like. The whole time i was longing just to be with her even if it were for 5 minutes. One day she texted me about a month into there relationship and told me i was right and that he just used her. She told me she had always liked me and always will. So i told her i still loved her and wanted to be with her so badly. within the next week i dumped my rebound girl and she dumped him and we were back together he day before thanksgiving. We are loving each other more and more every day and promised not to lie to each other and talk about anything and everything. We are both in love and have had our share of making out and little sweet kisses hugs and dances. Yesterday Christmas ever was our 1 month anniversary and it was beautiful spending time with her.

Extra story notes: all my friends like her and me justing and another ex friend nic who also likes her boxed for "fun" and i got to knock Justin out one punch and nic could barely stand. There is a lot more to this story lol. Thanks For Reading!!


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