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I first met him at a book store. He was leaving as I was going in. He was with his uncle I was with my mom. It just this past summer and that day my mom & I were gonna go to get some paperwork for my new school. I was gonna be a freshman this coming school year. I was with my mom @ her office. We didn't want to go straight to the school so we agreed to go to the bookstore since I needed some more books. We got to the book store & as we were going into the store, my mom's friend & his nephew held the door open. My mom & her friend recognized each other & started saying hi. At first I didn't notice him. I knew someone was with her friend but I didn't care. I just wanted to get my books. Then her friend introduced his nephew. That's when I sort of first noticed him. Everyone ended up talking outside. Before I realized what had happened, it was just us talking. We talked about everything. We even flirted a little. He was going to be a junior at the school where I was going to be a freshman. He offered to be my guide at the school, especially on the first day. I was excited. A cute guy was going to help me! We had to finish the conversation after everybody realized we had been talking for about more than 3 hours. I finished my trip to the book store when my mom got a text from the guy telling her to give me his number. The next couple days we talked till 3 in the morning. He helped a lot on the first day of school & as school went on we spent a lot of time together. Then he got a girfriend. This bugged me but I didn't say anything. I played it off like it was nothing. Then he told me that one day that one of his friends liked me. I ended up being his friend's girlfriend & we went to homecoming together. I was dumped a week later & he was dumped by his girlfriend. We started talking more again. We were getting closer & closer. Then he asked me out on a date. We went to the movies. We got there & got hot chocolate @ a coffee shop in front of the theater. We got into the theater before the movie had started so we talked a little. I ended up sitting on his lap. As we talked he started complimenting me. He called me beautiful and he kissed me. I had wanted to kiss him since he started holding me before at school. I hadn't had my 1st kiss until I was his friend's girlfriend, which I think is why he didn't want to kiss me yet. But anyways, he kissed & it was the moment I had been waiting for since I met him. Throughout the movie we kept kissing not really caring about the movie. We then started texting each other all the time. I had told him before that I liked him but he said that he didn't know if he felt the same. He told me when I 1st became his friend's girlfriend that he had felt the same when I told him that I liked him. Now its showing to be true. He really does like me. We've been on two other dates, both had a lot of kissing. I think he asked me to be his girlfriend which I would definitely say yes. But what's holding us back from being boyfriend and girlfriend is the fact that relationships (for both of us) aren't working very well & we don't wanna lose each other. He said he needed time & I said I would see what happened to me (or my feelings) in that time. He said he didn't want me to see other people. He really wanted me to be his girlfriend. I already do. This past Christmas he gave me a beautiful necklace with tiny diamonds in the shape of a heart. I gave him a really nice, classy watch. We couldn't be more in love. I can't wait to see what's gonna happen in the future with this love. That's all I can call what we have right now. Love <3


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