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Middle School Madness

It all started my 8th grade year when i saw the cutest girl ever at a middle school madness event. Although i didn't have the courage to talk to her then, i still managed to ask around and find out her info. To my surprise she had the most beautiful name that could be given to any girl. I friend requested her on facebook and began trying my luck the summer before high school. We talked but my mistake came i nominated her as the girl most likely to appear on the cover of a playboy magazine. Although my intentions were just to tell her she was beautiful, she took it as a terrible insult which ended any chance of getting to know her better. I gave up complete hope and moved on, especially when i found out she had a boyfriend. I rarely saw her around until my senior year when we were both assigned the same English 4 class. I couldn't help but notice how better looking she had become since freshman year. My first chance to impress her came when we were assigned groups and were told to make funny cavemen noises with them. I made her laugh the whole session :). about a month later i managed to talk to catch her on facebook and chatted about our classmates until i finally got her number :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
I would text her all the time, always making sure i never said the wrong thing again(haha). couple weeks later she told me of a dance she was planning attend, I though to myself"this would be a great idea to finally hang out with her" so i did. That night was completely amazing ranging from dancing 80's music to going to waffle house at 2 in the morning. october 3rd may have been the event that set everything up. Oct 19 we became "official". Ever since ive learned everything about love and can honestly say this is the girl i hope to be with for the rest of my life.


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