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I was 12 when I moved to Connecticut from Washington D.C and was very nervous. To my suprise when I went to school I became part of a more popular group and met Joshua, he was sweet and kind and we always had a little crush on each other in the back of our minds. When we were 14 he asked me to the Winter Dance and I said yes which sort of meant to us we were a couple. From then on we were the perfect couple and he was the greatest guy I have ever met in my life. Senior year came and gossip stirred that he would be Prom King and I Queen!

And then disaster struck! His fathers work had transferred him to California and they were to move before prom! I was literally heartbroken and it was the first time I saw him cry. He begged his parents to finish senior year in Connecticut and then leave during the summer. They eventually agreed. I was overjoyed and prom was only two months ago. But then I was sexually assaulted on the streets and to my horror became pregnant. Me and Joshua had been sexually active but had not had intercourse for over 6 months so I knew it had to be a result of the rape.

I remember saying to Joshua, "I'm pregnant." And just seeing the penny drop as he realised it could not be his. I tried to tell him that it was a rape but the words physically could not come out of my mouth. He stormed out and I received a text that night that he had moved with his parents. I didn't blame him I would have been just as angry if I thought he had cheated.

When I was 24 fate bought us back together when we met again when he got a job at my work. He soon found out that I did not have a kid and figured I must of had an abortion. The first three weeks I could not look at him without wanting to cry or scream so I just avoided him at all costs. One day I just broke down in a store cupboard and he found me. He just looked at me with tears in his eyes and said that he had always loved me. I looked at him and suddenly the words just popped out of my mouth.

He sat down next to me in silence which lasted for around 15 minutes until he choked out the words I'm sorry. He then gave me the kiss that I had been missing for like 7 years of my life and that night he somehow got my address and turned up at my apartment and we made love.

Somehow we just forgot our anger at each other and we are now four months on engaged and living our childhood out again. What a love story.


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