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I love you Prince

i'd like to start my story with I LOVE YOU PRINCE <3 prince is his real nickname , our love story is really great am glad that am with the most amazing person <3 it was at the second semester of the last academic year when we first talked i was in 10th grade and he was in 9th grade but in fact he is at my same age , at first when e started to talk i liked another guy and i didn't want to talk a lot with prince but after like a couple of days everything changed lol e started to really talk to each other so much on facebook btw me and him in the same school but e didn't talk at school , me and him like the same things and hate the same things everything me and him is just the same we went on a trip together with the school e look at each other a lot like we forget everybody around us and just stared at each other that was really great and weird cuz he had only told me that he liked me ... then after the trip we talked more and more he told me i love you but i as really scared to tell him i love you idk why !! he tried to convince me and told that i will never regret and he was really right and i really anted to admit it but i said am not gonna tell he asked me if i wanted to start a relationship with him but i told him and insisted on this ! but i really him a lot at that time lol and he asked me over and over again and i said no everytime i know i was really STUPID ! but the last he asked me i told i prefer we stay friends we can be best friends but he got upset and he asked some questions i still remember like do u care for me ? do u love me ? do u get afraid of me ? and other and my answer was yes and after these i said i love you too i can't hide it anymore he was really happy and i was even happier and ever since am the happiest girl with him i really adore him now we have been together for 8 months and a half we had our first kiss btw we really kiss alot and i love kissing him he is a good kisser and i love when he touch he is tender i just feel like am melting hen he touch me and hug me <3 <3 but we never had sex and we both had a deal that we'll only have sex when we get married <3 I love him so much my prince i loved him once and i ill always love him until forever and so much more


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