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Such a cruel torture

It's ironic..beautifully tragic..our story. It was three years ago, and I had worked so hard to get where I am. Seeing you last night, it hurt like hell. But I wore a smile, laughed at the right moments. Standing in that house, people talking, celebrating a new year. And I couldn't bring myself to look at you. It has been over for some time, I gave you my heart and you just walked away. I tried to ignore their sympathetic looks and knowing whispers. I did what I had to do, walked away and you didn't come after me. Love is a funny thing, you were right there..yet so far away. We didn't speak, I was in hell. I could feel my heart breaking for the 100th time. I wanted to cry and scream at you. But I just wore a smile, and pretended I wasn't in pain. Such a cruel torture, us in a place where you used to be my side, and we made so many memories. Now they are all faded photographs in my heart, I cried a thousand tears for you. For you. But that was then. Now, you are the one standing on the front porch and I am the one driving away. I loved you and I found strength in my pain. You will never know all the hell you put me through. I gave you all my love and all you gave me was goodbye.Did it hurt to see my face? Did you feel guilty about all you lies? Perhapes a little misery? You broke me, but I put myself back together again. This time I did not shed a tear, this time I did not look back.


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