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Never stop wearing your heart on your sleeve

So I was 16 at the time an going through teenage stuff, an I met this girl baby sitting for a friend an cant say that I was gay because I never had feelings for a girl before but for some reason I liked her.
One night hangin out she had got my number from my friend and started txting me I was really shy so I didnt say a whole lot, plus it made it akward sitting across from each other. I was super excited that we had so much in common we texted for days untill we could hang out again...
The following weekend I was baby sitting so my friend an her could go out to the bar so they came an picked me up, but sitting in my room with her on my couch she was holding my hand an I remember being so nervous I couldnt breathe an my heart was pounding so hard.. I got brave for a min an leaned in an gave her a kiss an from that moment on I didnt want to stop...
This girl was amazing, one night after she got off work an she called me asking if I was up an I said yes, so she said come out side.. I went out side to see her waiting in front of my house so i climbed into her car with her an sat on her lap... We were just talking an stuff untill i started kissing her an I slipped her the tounge.. But she had to get home so we said our good byes...
This lasted for like a month or so but eventully it had to come to an end for one we were both girls an she was getting back with her ex... I was so hurt but I didnt want to lose her so we became friends, sucky thing is still to this day were friends actully best friends an yet the pain of all of it is still there, I still love her.
So for you that our out there in a situation like this I feel for you, but the only advise I can give is never stop wearing your heart on your sleeve, its who you are an one day you will find that special person who makes every day worth getting up for...


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