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What real love is about

the story of my friend:

she is:
beautiful and caring, witty, intelligent, aggressive and soft. stronger than anyone else i know, but not too strong to let her friends in.

she is also:
my ex girlfriend, the woman who pushed me to become what i am, who adviced me in the ways of the city.

she is also:
dating someone new, and moving away.

i love this girl. deeply. i would go to hell and back to put a smile on her face. i would shoulder her load without her even asking.

but i'm not going to. because she's moved on: she's on a path to a better place. and me telling her just how deep my feelings for her are (beyond friendship, which she doesn't know, or even suspect), would only hinder her. and i can't do that to her.

now that, to me, is what real love is.


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