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You made your choice

They say you don't know what you have, until it's gone. I believe that is true. That moment..that deep down I knew would eventually come. Happened on new years eve, by a twist of cruel fate. We were both at the same New years eve party. At a place, that held so many memories of us. The moment I walked through the door, my heart felt you. Before I saw you, I just knew. After two years, you still had some type of magnetic pull on my heart. And in that instant, I felt my heart shatter for the thousandth time. I wore a smile, forced myself not to break down and cry. Somehow, I held myself together. Your wife, she was a beautiful girl. I wanted to hate her, she has everything that you promised to me. I knew who she was, but when we were introduced, I knew she had no clue who I was. So, I stood there, I could have said a million things, but I kept it all locked inside. The scars of your love, haunt me still. They whisper to me late at night, that we almost had it all. But you looked at me, said goodbye and walked straight into her arms. A week later, I got a phone call. From your mother, it had been such a long time. She told me what you said to her, and I found myself laughing. Because it doesn't matter, anymore. You told her that seeing me, made you realize, what you threw away. But I don't care. Anymore. You made your choice, and I have been living with it. Now it's your turn to cry.


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