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Still in the little cottage

Basically, Colbie is a bit like Allie from the notebook, all cooped up. When she’s with Andrew, though, she’s free. They do everything together, get ice cream, anything you can think of. One time, they go rollerblading, and Colbie skins her knee. Her mom is mad, but says nothing. From then on, she dislikes Andrew. One day, Colbie and Andrew are having a water fight (I still am not sure where, originally, I was going to have it at school, like in Mrs. Cooper’s room, with all of the sinks, but since they’re both 18 and it’s summer, I couldn’t.), and they get SOAKED, so Andrew takes her to Sunning Rocks, a place at the edge of a forest overlooking a cliff, where there are tons of large boulders. Another time, they go on a picnic, and fall asleep in the heat. They wake up, and it’s 5:30, when her piano lesson is! She races back home, but her mom is MAH-HAH-HAD. They fight, and Colbie runs away to sunning rocks. She ends up falling off the boulder (NOT INTO THE GORGE, JUST BACK INTO THE WOODS), and cracks her arm and slices open her shin. The police arrive at Andrews- they came from her house to find her- and Andrew, realizing that he knew where she was, runs to sunning rocks to save her. Just after he finds her and picks her up, she faints. He takes her to a hospital, and to her dismay, her mom comes, of course (Andrew, by the way, is “spontaneous” and “free” but very responsible when he has to be, like then). Her mom yells at him, and forbids them from seeing each other. That night, Andrew secretly visits her in the hospital, and gives her a beautiful and very old necklace, with a sapphire stone pendant, and tells her he loves her. He also said that he had known that she was the one for him, and that he had wanted to marry her someday. He leaves before she can say much, other than she loves him. Four days later, Colbie is let out of the hospital, all better, and her mom tells her they’re moving to Maine (they live in Minnesota, of course) the next day. Colbie lays awake that night, sobbing, and decides to run away with Andrew (she only does it because she loves him so much, and she wants more time than that one night to figure things out) and that she will marry him, and they drive out to a isolated cottage in the woods a few towns over, in the separated part of Michigan. He tells her he had bought it last year with the earrings that had went with the sapphire necklace he had given Colbie. They fall asleep by the fireplace. The next day, they go the beach, and swim together. While in the locker room, Colbie looks through a phone book, and discovers that her best friend Stephanie (the girl who had persuaded her to go to the dance and introduced her to Andrew, she just moved during the summer) lived in that town. The next day, she schedules with her to go dress shopping (for her wedding with Andrew who she is serious about marrying), and goes fishing for the first time ever with Andrew, and other things. The third day after she had run away, they look at dresses, and Stephanie sees the news woman talking about Colbie’s disappearance. Stephanie is told about everything from Colbie. Meanwhile, Andrew finds his ring for Colbie. That night, while trying to fall asleep, she does some deep thinking, and tells Andrew she has to go back, “at least to get her blessing on the wedding. He agrees, and she leaves the next day to her mom’s house. She explains to her about how she felt before she met Andrew, and after she met him. she explained that she never meant to hurt her mom, she just needed time time to think things through. Her mom understands, and gives Colbie her blessing.
In an epilogue, Colbie says that it's been a year since their marriage has been amazing, and that their still in the little cottage, and that she has kept in touch with her mom, who now has a new boyfriend. Then, it says that Colbie goes to her husband Andrew, and says "What do you think of being a daddy?"
The End


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