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True Greatness

I have never really known what love truely is, a gift given by another, a sacrifice or a risk. But someone of true greateness once said it is better to have hurt and loved than to have never loved at all. So I will tell you not my story, but that of a friend I once knew so many years ago.

She was ninteen years of age when she began to work for an editorial company in London. It was her dream job, for her love in those early days rested with writing and all things fiction. After two years of consistant and loyal employment he began working for the same company as her.

His name was Fin Graves and he worked in an office down the corridor from my friend. She would walk past his frosted glass windows every moring and evenig to fetch herself a cup of water from the despenser in the waiting lounge. However she was never really thirsty. Throughout the two years before he came she had never once used the water dispenser. It became her greatest friend as she drank by its side, lonely and hoping.

One day Fin came to the dispenser to fetch himself a plastic cup of water. When he did she was not there. For Fin had noticed my friend, trapsing up and down morning and evening to fetch herself water. It was not until now that he had grown the courage to finally talk to her.

He went to the reception desk and asked the middled aged lady behind the desk, "Excuse me, but do you know whether or not the lady is in today, that one who works in the office just down the corridor?" The woman gave him a sad little look from behind her glasses.

"You must mean Miss Abigale Jones. She was in an accident this morning and is now in hospital, I thought you already knew Mr Graves." Leaving his water behind Fin wrote down the name and address of the hospital and went to see Abigale, my friend. When she was finally ready for visitors many days later Fin introduced himself and she smiled.

However Fin and Abigale never had the change to mother their blosoming relationship as Abigale died shortly after of her injuries. Fin attented her funeral and read during the ceremony to honnor Abigale's memory. Unlike the others he did not read a passage from the bible. He read from his heart:

"I worked with Anigale for many months, watching as her shadowed passed by my frosted glass window. Yet I never had the courage to introduce myself, to say hello and get to know her. And now I will never have that chance. She told me her name and smiled at me and that was the last I saw of dear Abigale. God took her away from me before I even had the chance."

So the message I give is this one: if you love somebody don't be afraid to give out your heart. Because you don't know what you have until it is well and truely gone.


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