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He wasn't a nerd

I was a sophomore in high school and he was a senior. Every day during brunch and lunch I would go and procrastinate in the library. I guess it was the beginning of the school year I met Max. He was the type of guy who went and finished his homework and study about genetics and biology, but he wasn't a nerd. I always thought he was cute and so I creeped on him. I always sat a couple tables away from him and his friends to do my homework. Half a year passed, going through every day like this seemed kinda worthless. But I would always see him look at me even if I sat on the other side of the room, he would walk to my table and always ask me something about DNA or genes. As both of us were gene fanatics. One day when the library was full, he asked if he could sit at my table. He then asked "____, go to senior ball with me?" I was confused, because I never told him my name. "You were in my genetics lab group last year, I honestly couldn't keep my eyes off you." Turned out we both creeped on each other! I went to Senior Ball with him, his graduation, and celebrated the acceptance letters. He was leaving me and this school, where we connected a few months before graduation. He told he would visit and call. I am now a senior and accepted into the same college as he is. Very much so in love with genetics and him. Max, as you're helping me recall my memories next to me, I love you.


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