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6th grader in middle school

Hello. I am a 6th grader in middle school. I really have a major crush on this 8th grader. Here is my story, on some day before st valentines day, i thought id give him a valentines card to show him i like him. at that time, he didnt know anything about me except my first and last name. i sent my friend to give it to him, but obviously, he knew she wasnt me. and then the next week, i wanted to give him a note, and it kinda said "did you like the valentine?" stuff like that. and he took it. then, after that week, i gave him another note telling him that im the one who gave him the valentine and stuff. but his friend didnt look very nice though. i tried looking for the note, but it wasnt in the trash or on the floor, so most likely, he took it with him. and i started crying thinking he rejected me. my tears were warm. warmer than ive ever cried in some years. and i really liked him. but i didnt know if he really did reject me. his friend (girl) told me he doesnt date, talk, or have anything to do with 6th graders. but i know it was something with his friends. because they kept telling him not to talk to me and things like that. that was probably it. i only found him lonely once. and i know his sister, but i barely talk to her cause she is kinda... well... bratty? i dont really like her. but i think her and him are total opposites. but im lost and i really want him to like me. and sometimes when im not looking, i catch him look at me. maybe its because of my pimples he doesnt wanna say he likes me... ive had dreams about him and my friends tell me im obsessing. but i really like him. these are my first feelings like this. he knows the people i hang out with too. im sorry its so long, but im really lost and i need some help. thanks. ^_^


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