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My Ex-Bf and I had been dating since feb 1st 2010.
Then all of the sudden we were in love :)
it was the best that ever happened.
Then it was june 10th day of our very first slow dance.
The song was "2 is better than 1"
At the end of the dance, i was about to pull away, but u said "wait, Baby, Thanks for the dance" and that was my first kiss. Then came summer, but we pulled through. Livin each day was killing inside u. school started once again. we were more in love than ever before.we danced to ever slow song at the dances, we kissed with excuses (rock, paper scissors or candy cane in my mouth and he'd have to steal it) then came winter break. we didnt talk at all for those 16 started again and i saw u waitin for me. we hugged said i love u's less did i know it wasn't true.than came jan 7th 2011 u said u didnt know if u loved me. then it was jan 10th and u ended what took months to begin. i still love u, and miss u with all my heart. but u choose to ignore me and avoid. its okay cuz i still wrote u a bunch of songs.
When the wind blows my hair,
in my face,
you won't be there anymore,
to pull it out of the way.
You wont be here,
with ur lovin eyes.
You won't be here,
and it makes me cry.
*I'm Not Finished Yet, But Remember Hunny I'll Always Love You, FOREVER <3*


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