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Wish you were TRUE not a dream

A night that left me with a love happnd in the month of October

Walking in the lonely street....

I dint even have a small clue about How do I go through this, where it takes me to??

I was damn confused,out of no where I started feeling some weight in my heart

Suddenly lots of questions were hitting my mind,

crossed many lanes alone,and then I heard a low voice from a distance calling my name somewhere in the dark

and she started coming near me,To my surprise,

she is one of my acquaintance

she seemed to be shivering and I couldn't stop myself from me giving her my overcoat

We started talking some random things,

after sometime she suddenly started talking about her memories...

she told about her childhood friends,

she showed me her school,where she used to play,

where she ran like a hell when dogs came in her way ...

She told me every single thing that she thought that was important in her life

After sometime she told how good am I , how unique am I, how much she likes me,

What not,

I was Simultaneously overwhelmed and confused

I dont know whether i was being smitten by her loving and caring words

That was the best moment ever i had till that day,

Suddenly I heard a huge horn

A truck just missed me by inches

Do you think i was lucky???

Still i think i was unlucky,

And I found ma friend z missing...I even searched in a couple of lanes for her,stupid me..

As i realised that this was all my typical kind of hallucination from my past

Still i can hear those words in my ears,

Still that moment appears to be just passed

Still when i pass through THE lanes it hurts,

Wish you were TRUE not a dream ,

Wish you were present here to share this day and everyday with me

Miss you my dream,miss you


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