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It's been four years

It's been 4 years, since we last saw each other.So much has happened in our lives. For some odd reason, we've kept in touch. It's always been there between us...we just never acted on it. If we wanted to, we could try. But you've got someone back home. And spending time with you again, was so bittersweet. I like you. Always have. And tonight, giving you a hug goodbye. I felt a piece of my heart ache, it was as if someone threw cold water in my face. I wanted to cry, cry for what will never be. Cry because even though i tried to fight it, i fell for you all over again. You make me laugh, I feel so comfortable around you. Always have. We're old friends. But there's no point. Because I shut those thoughts down right away. It's just not to meant to be. And that kills me. Above all else, you are my friend. And it's a shame, that things are, the way they are. But i won't let myself cry. She's a lucky girl. To have a guy like you. Because you are, everything I've been looking for. So, when i lay down tonight, ill try not to feel too sorry for myself. As my heart cries out for someone, who I don't see, how you could ever be, anything but mine.


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