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Madly in love

Iam absolutly madly in love with my girlfriend. Its difficult because iam 3 years older than her and people have there views. There is no way to avoid love, when you feel so happy with that person no one else matters, ive come to the point now were she is all that matters i love her so much. i used to get teased because she was slightly younger even though it wasnt that bad, but still there is no way of escaping love. Our feelings for each other are imense and i would quite literally die for her people just dont understand, i will be glad when she graduates from senior high school so its just us and theres no one interfering with my life. we are both happy and i dont care what anyone thinks anymore, sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me. Love is the most powerful feeling anyone can have, dont let it effect you else they have won, there just jelous.


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