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Love is a drug

I used to think I was a heartless person incapable of loving anyone or anything meaningfully. But I started working in a new place recently being depressed about the fact I can not love and I will always be lonely. I'm the kind of guy that does not go out and make out at parties or cheats I am not that sort of guy, so confidence with women is lacking. But recently I started to make friends with this one girl and she was like a best friend. I have now been dating her for just over 2 months and it's safe to say I know what love is now. We went to a party the other day and just looking into her beautiful eyes I have never felt the way I'm feeling now. It's like a movie she is gorgeous, smart, funny really down to earth and I love to be around with her. I'm so happy when I'm with her that when I'm not I feel depressed. I have always heard that love is a drug but I didn't understand it until now! I just want to tell everyone and anyone how lovely my girlfriend is, we are a perfect match, she calls me perfect and the fact I thought the only way I could have her in my life is go to the gym which I did for a year but she was always interested in me and the fact now she loves me even more for it. I just love her so much, she is my world, I don't even care about myself everything I do now is in her interests and she is the only thing in the world I care about. I don't have a particularly loving family as they always seem to single me out, my parents have broken up and I have always moved around. But now I have found something in my life that means something to me, that I care about so much and can't stop thinking about her.. she is everything to me.


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