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Investigate First

Joshua has always been my crush, since i was in 7th grade. He once kissed me in front of everyone & we stopped talking every since. Then 8th grade came around and we started to talk slowly again. we then became makeout buddies. yes messed up right?

well it wasnt till freshman year that he told me ,he had the same feelings for me, but then the next day he told me he didnt know anymore, so what the hell....
by sophomore year, he had texted me, he told me he missed me,, the next day he asked me out me out, out of nowhere, big surprice.. i said yes, i was in love with him, ( he was always my crush),,, we ended up dating for 4 weeks, 2 days before our one month, i found out he had cheated on me, when we just had a week.

yep i cried, couldnt do anything about it,,, and the person who told me that he had cheated on me liked me, well anyways, i just found out he never cheated on me. However, i didnt want to brake up with him but my friends insisted so we did, he was pretty pissed off because i broke up with him for he freaking hates me, and i want him back ha ha,,

moral of the story: follow your heart. INVESTIGATE FIRST. & third,,, dont listen to rumors, and trust your partner.


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