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ten years later

I was in year 7 and I still played the guitar. I had been admiring this boy in my English and Maths class for a while, I didn't see him much after I was taken from my ordinary maths class to do a super class (so I could do my GCSEs in year 9). He had his guitar lesson after mine and always had. He was a bit of a flirt and did play alot of the kissing games I didn't like. I didn't really like him after I saw him play those games although that's when he started to like me. That's when he stopped the games. Suddenly I began to like him again, no one knew apart from me and him that we liked eachother, apart from our guitar teacher. the teacher said he first noticed it when I got really self concious when the boy was watching me at the end of my lesson. Then when the boy picked up my stuff for me at the end of my lesson, then finally one lesson the boy passed me a message hidden behind my guitar case (he was unaware my guitar teacher saw). It read: You're alright you know, maybe we could meet up some time?

We didn't speak to each other (because he was at another school for a year) and then in year 8 he came back to my school and his guitar lessons.

My guitar teacher then spoke to him and told him to go for it, meaning the kiss. One morning I saw him when I was in the music store room, and I said hi and what he did was astonishing... He came over and kissed me before pushing me against the wall and snogging me...

10 years later...

Then it happened again. There was a dancing evening in our school. My parents insisted I went although I was in university. When I texted my boyfriend ( yes the sameboy from the childhood crush, he asked me out when we were kissing on an old fashioned swing... but that's another story) he said he was going to come as well. That's when it happened that evening, we crept away from the dancing hall and up to the music store room. Same door, same code. We went in and started slowley, gentle kisses then we began to kiss whilst rolling around on the floor (sorry bit nasty). Then he sat on the case of a french horn (a big sturdy brass instrument)me on his lap and we began to passionately snog. He touched me bottom, although I hardly noticed... and I was holding the back of his neck. Since it was dancing I was wearing a rather short dress that had a low cut... you could see my bra that was - well,wasn't usually but it was today - pink. He began to touch it and then he unbuttoned his shirt. We kissed for - what seemed like - ages. Then I sat down at the side and he put his coat around my shoulders,got out a guitar and began to play a love song. When we were leaving (hand in hand) we saw are guitar teacher who just smiled and winked. We went over to talk to him, he was quite old but we knew he was the same when he pointed at two year sevens who were walking next to each other, "Them next?" is what he said before walking off. We smiled and my boyfriend pecked me on the cheek.


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