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It took me a while to let go

I met my ex-boyfriend through a very dear friend of mine. A guy who I thought would never hurt me. The starting of my ex-boyfriend and I: He used to come to my workplace and have lunch with me every lunch break. It took eight (08) months for me to say yes to a relationship. Before the relationship started we were very good friends. We called each other often. I used to see him often. A relationship started. Then at the end of each conversation he used to say "I LOVE YOU". I never replied for the first month. Because I always thought you must get to know someone before saying those words. At first he was sweet, gentle, the most adorable guy anyone will ever meet. Always there for his family. Anyone would admire him. We were together for two (02) years. Everyone used to admired our relationship. We tell each other everything. We supported each other. I trusted him. I loved him with my entire everything. I could give for my family for him. I could have just left everything and followed him. However, we had some problems. No one is perfect. No relationship is perfect and both of us knew that. We must have some disagreements. However, I was trying to work out our differences. Our main problem I should think is that he is Hindu and I am christian. My parents would never let me marry in Hindu. But I loved him so much that I told my parents we can have both Christian and Hindu marriage. They agreed. One year, came phagwah, I disobeyed my dad and went by her to celebrate this holiday. I was in colours, I was having fun and I was supporting him. And out of the blue, he told me that I don't appreciate anything. I felt bad. There I was in colours and my boyfriend was telling me that I don't appreciate. I got angry. His mum suspected that something was wrong and I didn't wanted to tell her. We ended telling her and she became angry with him. I went home. He hardly spoke to me and told me how I spoilt his holiday for him. Anyways I apologized and I let it go. A few months after his cousin came in the country. Very beautiful girl. He hardly used to speak to me. I never get to see him. I was invited to her birthday party. I went (my biggest mistake). His cousin and him were dancing vulgar and I got jealous. Probably I shouldn't. It was just his cousin after all. I pulled him aside and told him and he got very angry with me. I apologised. He started cursing and was going to hit me but his best friend saved me. I called for a taxi (he drives but he didn't drop me home). Taxi came and I left. My parents who are very protective asked me if my boyfriend came with me. I had to lie and say yes. Because my parents don't allow me to travel in the night by myself. I was terrified because in my country it's not good to rravel by yourself in a stranger taxi. We hardly spoke to each other for three (03) months. I apologised to him, his mother and his cousin. But his mother said it was a problem. He, however, didn't forgive me so I kept apologising to him for the three (03) months. He didn't accept. My friends say that I shouldn't apologise anymore. One of my brothers killed himself a few days before my ex and I broke up. My ex told me that he don't care. He didn't attend my brother's funeral. My mother was getting sick, I had exams, my ex was just cursing me so I went through depression. I couldn't take it. And to top it off my brother died.

The end of our relationship: A day I was walking to go to the bank and a boy from my workplace was trying to hold my hand and I told him to stop. But he wouldn't. My ex-boyfriend's father saw and he went and told my ex. My ex called me and he asked me what happened and I told him. I told him I told the guy to stop. But he cursed me. Called me horrible names and told me that I shame his family and left me. I called the next day and apologised and he kept calling me horrible name and told me never to call him again. I cried so much.

It took me a while to let go. Took me months. Over a year. It was hard. He was my first love.

Now I have a boyfriend after one year and 7 months. This guy give me everything. He's really nice. But I am scared. I don't believe in love. I can't seem to love him but I do like him. I am hoping it all work out.

Now ladies don't believe everything a guy tells you. And please becareful.

Up to this day my ex-boyfriend wants me back but I won't never give him another chance.


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