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First Glance…<3

I never thought that on that Tuesday morning I would come face to face with my boyfriend of eight months.

I had got up that hot August morning, slowly getting up out of my camper bed , I grabbed a really cute outfit and some other work clothes. As I dragged my feet a crossed the floor wanting the day to be over already. So I went to the sheep pins and fed my sheep, then headed to our van to do my makeup and hair…that took an hour doing it very nice and neat like I had someone to impress but I had a whole hectic day in front of me to be worrying about who was staring at my face rather then worrying about getting 5 sheep ready for the show in 3 or so hours so.

after that I went to the pens again just to check on them and decided I would need some..or a lot of help, so I went running to the jr leaders booth (a booth my mom and her friend Pam ran.) I ran threw that door and yelled “mom! I need help with …. (Looked over and saw a tall boy standing with a tan visor on, tan pants, and a jr shirt on) then I said again in a much more pleasing quite voice “mom. I need help with my sheep.” Then she said “honey not no I have a lot of work to do.” I said “ok.”

As I watched a boy named peter trying to close a plug that was leaking water and he made it worse because the water went everywhere. I laughed a little laugh and I looked at the boy, he laughed and looked at me and I thought “yes! He knows I exist! Whoah!” then I left and told my mom I would try to do it by myself. I went and changed into shorts and a t-shirt.

I had the intentions of a long day at the sheep rack washing, shearing, and blow drying 5 stubborn sheep. As the day got started it got hectic really quick. Sheep were getting done one after another. It was really agonizing so while I was doing this I was thinking I needed a break…several times so I went to the jr booth and got one thing after another in different times, always not seeing the boy because he was cooking hamburgers and hotdogs for the day.

I got the guts to ask a girl who some people were I said “so who’s that? ok who’s that? then I finally asked her WHO’S THAT?!” trying not to seem to obvious that I wanted to know just about him then anyone else but still asked and she said “oh? That’s Cody Darley.” She exclaimed and I said “oh he’s like a junior or senior right?” I asked then she said “no? he’s a freshman.” “oh I said where does he go to school?” “Scottsbluff” she said I said “cool well, I got to go I have 5 sheep to fix up.” “alright she said see ya” I walked away quickly hoping he didn’t hear our conversation.

So all day that’s all I could think about was Cody. Cody Cody Cody Cody Cody. Then I went in and ate lunch before it was time to show and he was sitting in front of me with his group and I was sitting behind him like a creeper and eating alone and he was told something then turned around and looked at me and gave me a sweet smile…gosh I think my heart skipped 2 beats at that moment. So after I was done I went and showed my sheep and it was a good day overall. I got reserve on my ewe Ellie and I was happy with the results.

I just rested the rest of the afternoon, then I got ready for the dance that night. I went and danced a little bit, it was fun. I saw my friend Stephanie and she was with some girls I knew from school and I decided to be in there grinding line and right beside me standing alone was Cody…omg I just totally died right then and there hoping he didn’t see me I bashfully smiled at him and walked away, I didn’t see him again so I decided to see if he had a facebook. He did! I was so happy but nervous to say a word to him and I just said hey and he replied back and so I got his number and texted him the rest of the fair.

that Sunday I asked him who he liked and of course I got to know him better before I asked that and he said “a girl named Chelsea.” I asked any one else and he said “yea.” I said “do I know her?” he said “probably.” and my heart sunk he didn’t like me at all and then he asked “do u?” and I said “yes.” he said “who?” and I replied “you tell me who you like first other then Chelsea.” he said “you.” I dropped my mouth and about screamed but I held it back. He said “who is yours?” I said “you.” and he put a smiley face and I did too.

then on we talked endlessly and the on the 17 of august we planned a movie date for the 18 and he said all his expectations of what he wanted to happen on our first date and I got a little scared so I told him I wanted it to be just a friend date that day so he said ok and then we went it was awkward we didn’t talk just said hi and bye and we went home. I decided to do it again just us the 19 of August and it was fun we were actually on a date but not dating yet so that night he asked me out in the middle of the movie and I kissed him and said does that give you an answer and he said yes.

Then on we went to movies, hung out at school, went to eachother’s houses and from then on till now its been strong since the day I ran in the jr leader booth and gave that boy a smile ,…<3.


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