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my Irish fling in Dublin

So it all started back in September 2010 when me and my best friend were discussing our ideal kind of guy, their looks, qualities ect. We got down every detail even as far as where we'd meet them.

Anyway in the October halfterm me and my dad and his long term fiancee went to dublin for a week. Anyway as most girls like- me and and my dads fiancee wanted to go shoppping and go round dublin. I can't resist a good book shop so of course when we found this quaint little bookstore that was completely filled with books I couldn't resist going in.

I drifted over to the back end of the store where there was a huge variety of books that weren't available in most other bookstores. I had just began reading the blurb to one of them when I heard a little boy talking. I turn and find a little boy about 4 or 5 years old tugging on the leg of a guy. said guy turns to the little boy and picks him up to show him the other books. I smile and return to reading the back of the book.

A few seconds later I feel a gentle tugging on my leg, I follow the pull and find the same little boy smiling up at me "hello whats your name?" i say smiling "riley have you seen my daddy?" he said "riley.. no I'm sorry but was that him you were stood with a minute ago?" i ask "no I'm not his dad but I guess I could seem it" came a new voice "I turn to the new voice and gasp a little as the face of the mystery guy revealed himself. i couldn't believe how much he looked like the ideal guy me and my friend had discussed.

He smiled and asked my name so i told him and he commented that it was an irish name "Yes i'm part irish" i say smiling back then his dad came over and took his little brother out of the way and we stood talking. He asked where we were staying and how long for and then he asked if maybe i would like to meet up at the local costa for a coffee so i said i would.

the following days we met up and got on really well on the sixth afternoon we met at costa while my dad and his fiancee went to the cinema across the road. when we met up we sat and spoke for what seemed very little time and we found we had a lot in common. I eventually had to excuse myself and i headed downstairs to the toilets when i returned and cut to the stairs there was a little seated area and he was stood there waiting.

suprised i said "i couldnt have been that long surely?" he smiled and said no before doing the unthinkable. he took me in his arms and kissed me. he moved me to the wall where he put one hand against the wall and continued kissing me. it was very unxpected but it was lovely. i could smell him and feel him against me and i felt like i was on fire. i felt like kissing wasnt enough. he obviously felt the same because moments later he asked me if id like to go back to his place... i said it would be better to go back to the hotel so we did.

we were still kissing before we got to the room, he paused while i unlocked the door before taking me in his arms and leading me to the bedroom...

a while later we resurfaced and sorted ourselves out. then we locked up and left the hotel and went back to costa where we waited for my dad and his fiancee. it looked like we'd been there all afternoon and luckily the maid had been round the room so there was no trace of the afternoons events apart from the smile i had for the remainder of the holiday.

he did give me his number so we could stay in touch when i left dublin but sadly the number was lost, probably when the maid mistook it for rubbish the dsy before we left.. but now i still have the fond memories of the holiday fling in dublin and a great story to tell to my friends about the irony of what had started off as a vision...


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