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Finally asked her out

I've seen this one girl around school shes new... I'm sixteen and i have no idea how old she is ... well theres only one way to find out ill ask my friends shes way to cute for me to even try talking to her. Turns out shes 19 and has a kid... Im more shocked than anything, but shes still so amazing. shes in my ip10 class i want so badly to go over and talk to her but i just dont know what to say.(months later) Walking with my sisters fiance talking about life and how he wishs i knew what love was and what it felt like. I run into one of my best friends... only shes walking with the most amazing girl in the world the one from my ip10 class. Im stunded and just dont know what to say so i just say hey and get ready to keep talknig to my sisters fiance when i hear im inviting him over to your place right now. So i stop again and ask where you going they are going to the gym to paly rek basketball. Of course im not going to miss this oppurtinuity to play basketball with a cute girl and my best friend. Sometime in the night i got the nerve to ask her for her number... i dont know how i just did. Basketball quickly ends .. and as we are walking back im talking to kathirne my best friend and she tells me to come over to ky's the cutest girl in the world by far. Of course right then i was about to have my legs give out i got nervous stutured and said sure. we get there for 2 seconds and i already have to go i dont know where the time went or how it goes that fast. (laying in bed that night) i get a text from kys phone "i like you alot" first thing comes to mind her 12 year old little sister jesse what else right. so i reply no you dont cause this isnt ky its jesse. of course she replies its not jesse its ky ask me anything ill prove it... so i decied yeah would you call me right now and prove it? there was no reply ... till my phone rang it was kathirne ... she does like you call us back asap. So i hanf up not even a second later im dailing the number. I call... ky's dad dean picks up and my more nervous than ever before... his first words were though Ky really like you shes red in the face blushing like crazy shes all laughy and gitty everytime we say your name you should come over and see this right now... i say umm can't in bed now... he goes bet ky can convience you. So he hands the phone to her and i hear the softest sweetest voice in my intire life say it is me and i do like you... i couldnt help but to hang up the phone so nervous i didnt know what to say i was more in shock than anythign else in my life a girl i like who litterally was perfect in every way actually likes me back. we text a bit longer and i still can't believe it im sure someone made her say it... i tell them to come over im sneaking out of my bedroom window to do this. They come over as im puting my shirt on i quitly sneak the the dark of my room unlatch my window and crawl out of it... sneak down the walk way and out the back first question to ky and first words come out of my mouth do you really like me ? I could already see her face turning red and blushful i couldnt believe it a yes came out of her mouth and she wasnt obligated to do it for any reason. We walk to her place i meet her parents and they sure enough know well enough i like her ... but they dont know that for how long or why... so sure enough im there til 4am i cant remember what happened i know for a fact we are sitting on a couch and we are definatly cuddled close together. i realize the time and have to go... so i get up (waking her up to) and she shows me to the door. (one week later exactly) her parent have given me there phone numbers so what else is there to do but to ask if i may date there daughter... kimberly and dean both say yes. So now its just up to ky to say yes or no to me. we stand in the back ally where we always go when i sneak out right behind my house. I tell kathirne whats going on and she walks down the backally aways away. I stand face to face with ky and i tell her " i want you to know that i liked you before i even got to know you i thought you were the most amazingly cute girl in the intire world and i was always to shy to say anything. Ive already asked your parents this now its your turn to answer me will you go out with me." she holds me close puts her head on my shoulder and it seems as though she might cry but she doesnt instead she replies witha really quite yes.i could barely hear it but i knew what she said but i loved hearing it so much i asked what ?
and more than anything i was suprized that i got a yes from a girl so amazing so cute so beautifull. As we walk down the backally towards kathirne i softly hold her hand. we get to her house and her parents can only hope but to wonder but they already know cause we are holding hands. ( 4 days later) going over to ky's to see how kaden and her were doing i dont really remember this day besides how it ended... it ended like a photo shoot mine and her first kiss ended up likea photo shoot her mom her sister my best friend and her dad all telling us that we should kiss... my first remark some first kiss this is going to be.. her parents look at me as though they already expected us to have kissed but we hadnt came close but i was always to shy... i already know where these pictures are going 5 minutes from now facebook... where her easily jealous ex will see them... im more than happy to rub it in his face that i have the most amazing girl in the world apart of my life. so i could careless. its now March 2010 Im the closest thing my 10 month old son Kaden has to a dad and i couldnt be more happy. I have the perfect girl in the world we are going to be living together soon. and being apart of their lives means more than anything to me. Many people ask how your sixteen and you want to take care of a kid thats not even yours? My only reply is hes not just any kid hes my son he might not be from my jeans but hes apart of my life and ill change that diper anytime. the second most asked question how can you date a girl with a kid ? how can i ? its simple I love her enough to care for her and our kid that inst from my jeans, but stil means everthing to me.I love the fact that we can try our best TOGETHER for kaden i love the fact that she wants me to be his dad in the future. and i love the fact that her paretns approve of us dating she means everything to me shes the reason i smile everyday.


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