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He moved on

i'm 18 and i fell in love with a guy much older then me well 15 years older then me. it started when we were doing classes together and i did not seek no interest in a relationship right now. he started talking to me and i end up talking back. suddenly like about a month later i give him my phone number to give me a call cause he was begging for it a while now.the same day i give him it he immediately called me 5 mins after. later that that night,i called me telling me he was interested in my personitly.

weeks later we became close and we both were interested but did not want to get involved. one night i made a joke with him and he got angry and left me there in the park. later that night i tilled him it was a joke and he begun to cry because he taught i wanted to hurt his feelings.that night we made a promise not to do anything to hurt each other feelings.

three months later, i recently saw so text messages on his cell phone stating i love u and need u now. i questioned him about it and he said it was nothing but an ex. Carnival Monday we almost had sex for the first time but he didn't want to.that Wednesday i was cuslous about the few messages send to the phone by his ex and decide to talk her number off his phone. that night i cell her and she put me in place by telling me that he was her boyfriend. so days after he found out i talked to her and he told me to not to speak to her.

a day after he told me lets just be friends and hanged up on me.i felt so hurt and stupid for not knowing he had someone in his life already. he totally igores me and to make it worse he moved on with someone esle in his life not caring one sh*t about me. so everything we tlaked about was a lie at least to him.


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